Managed and Cloud Services, Web Hosting and Allied Services for Your Business or Organization

About Us

Just like you, we are a locally owned and operated, Aurora, CO organization. We are proud to live and work in the Aurora community.

We believe that technology is and will be the great enabler of the twenty-first century. Even the smallest businesses and organizations will have the power to implement solutions that were impossible just a few years ago. But, technological change is hard. How does a busy entrepreneur or organizational leader keep up with these changes, make the right decisions and produce the desired results? Let us help you reach your goals.

We serve the needs of for-profits and non-profits in our community, including churches and religious organizations. We realize that both these groups need many of the same services. However, their needs are also somewhat differentiated: each group has different revenue streams and price points and also has specifically different issues that require different technical solutions. For example, many local businesses are interested in managed and cloud services while many churches are interested in streaming videos of their services.

Call us to arrange a consultation. We don’t believe in-one-size-fits-all solutions. If you are not a suitable candidate for our services – we’ll just tell you! If you are – we believe you should start with the most cost-effective, high-impact solution and measure the results.

Gene Murray, Consulting Engineer