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Neonta Solutions Has a New Main Website Design

Neonta Solutions has a newly designed website based on the Digitonix Toolbox Theme. This modern theme has many desirable features, such as: image-transition sliders, call-to-action buttons, service boxes, testimonial sliders, and customizable header and footer areas.

We hope you enjoy the fresh look and informative design of our new site.

Neonta Solutions Launches SmartCloud™ SaaS Services

Perhaps you are considering migrating your business to the cloud, but want to take a measured approach. Many businesses begin their migration into the cloud by starting with their productivity applications, such as email.

Neonta Solutions is has partnered with Sherweb to provide businesses with Office 365 cloud productivity solutions.

Call us to discuss the advantages of each solution for your particular business and learn how a cloud productivity solution can benefit your organization.

Neonta Solutions Launches SmartCloud™ IaaS Services

Neonta Solutions is pleased to announce that we have launched Neonta SmartCloud™ IaaS Services in order to better meet the needs of our customers. By taking this step, Neonta Solutions extends its portfolio of services from website hosting and allied services to include cloud integration services.

For more information about Neonta SmartCloud™ IaaS Services, please click here.

Neonta Solutions Now Providing Managed and Cloud Services to SMBs

Neonta Slutions

Managed and Cloud Services Provider

Neonta LLC is pleased to announce that consultant Gene Murray is now offering his services to businesses in the Denver Metro area under the new branding: Neonta Solutions.

Neonta Solutions is both a Managed Services Provider (MSP) and a Cloud Services Provider (CSP). We are able to bring best-in-breed on-premises and off-premises solutions to your business using any combination of private, public and hybrid clouds. We can completely remove your IT headaches and remotely manage your systems for peak performance.

Gene brings decades of IT experience to provide the solutions that your business needs.

Call us today for a free consultation.

Welcome to Our and Divisions and are the newest members of Neonta LLC. We fondly refer to them both as XH. We formed XH in order to better serve the needs of both the SMBs and non-profits in our community, including charities, churches and religious organizations. We realized that the nonprofit groups need many of the same services that we provide to our business customers. However, the needs of businesses and nonprofits are also somewhat differentiated. Both of these groups have different revenue streams and price points and also have specifically different issues that require different technical solutions. For example, many local businesses are interested in SMS services for demand management while many churches are interested in streaming videos of their services.

The Neonta LLC web hosting services use a joint branding strategy:

For business customers of Neonta Solutions, the XH stands for the hosting services.

For non-profit customers of, the XH stands for the hosting services.

This joint branding strategy allows us to be more efficient and focused as we develop and onboard new web hosting products.

The same (or similar) technology can serve many masters. By differentiating our services, we hope that we can serve you, our customer, more effectively.