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Eugene Murray Completes Mastering Ansible Training

Eugene Murray is pleased to announce that he has completed the Mastering Ansible online course. The course is delivered by Chris Lunsford. The course consists of 5 hours of training delivered through 55 video lectures. The video lectures consist of sides and on-screen, live demos of Ansible and Ansible-Galaxy.

The course has the following objectives:

Execute ad-hoc commands against servers using Ansible

  • Write Ansible configuration playbooks to deploy a 3-tier web application

  • Configure Ansible roles with tasks, handlers, files, templates, and default variables

  • Write operational playbooks to check cluster status and perform a cluster restart.

  • Optimize Ansible playbooks to reduce playbook execution time.

  • Test and troubleshoot Ansible playbook execution.

Chris Lunsford is an IT professional with a decade of experience in network, datacenter, cloud and systems operations. His  expertise is in applying software development practices to infrastructure operations.

I highly recommend this course both for its content and because it represents excellent value for training dollar spent.


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